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    January 09, 2011


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    I went to the Renwick gallery last week because I had read your post about it, and I am so glad I did.
    I had to double back to the find the sketch of the deaf man, because I was so absorbed by the beauty and inventiveness of the work on display.
    I was especially captivated by a showcase of shells used to create beautiful bouquet-like formations, which really looked like flowers. There were so many works of art, including intricate woodwork and painting and sewing... so much to see, and it was heartening to see that people could have such creativity and enthusiasm in such hard circumstances.
    It put things in perspective, and actually made me more optimistic about the human spirit. While the emotions I took from the exhibit were quite different from yours, I felt a similar longing to know more about the people who created those pieces.
    Of course, I felt shame, guilt and related reactions, but I also felt proud to share a country with such resilient and imaginative people.

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