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    July 16, 2009


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    This is an engrossing essay. Your illustration of that one little event tells me a lot about you - what kind of person you are and what you are passionate for. You are so kind that you explain what estate sales are in such detail for somebody like me who has never been to any of those. Yes, your story made me want to try it some day. You are such a person who wouldn't mind approaching a stranger to share your knowledge and opinion. I can read your passion for books and antiques, your love for dogs and biking, your life style, and even your relationship history. I have to say you are very brave, Chris. That tells me you are a very self-confident person.

    If you allow me, I also want to make some comments on your subterranean thought. So, you love the solitude. I'm one of those who love the joy of companionship more than the contentment in the solitude although I understand what the freedom of being alone is like. My life experience, which is a little bit shorter than yous, says to me that enjoying the solitude and retaining the pleasure of companionship/relationship are not necessarily conflicting and both can co-exist. I think that's why the life is fascinating. Things that look opposite and contradicting somehow get along well. I don't know much about Thoreau but this line from his book tells me that in the end he also would agree with me! "the harmony which results from a far greater number of seemingly conflicting, but really concurring, laws, which we have not detected, is still more wonderful." So, Chris, I sincerely wish none of your photo albums becomes on sale after you die. :-)

    I'm an amateur slow reader (as English is not my first language) but your writing constantly keeps my attention. Thanks for sharing your stories in such an engaging manner. I'm going to start reading your old ones as well as look forward to getting your next one.

    Rug Repair

    wow this is great! I also love estate sales, I love going for antiques etc. I'm glad you found what you wanted! That man should have had his rug cleaned! So unfortunate to be ruined by animal urine. I get mine cleaned at and they do a fantastic job! The prices are also great!

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