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    February 03, 2008


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    I guess the picture on your blog was taken before the lobotomy - because you can't see the scar!

    First you come out singing McCain's praises - who led the first successful assault on the First Amendment in this country's history, and led the charge in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens.

    Now you're singing the praises of Al Gore?

    I think the next movie you ought to watch is "Invasion of the Body Snatchers!"

    Patrick Byington


    Thanks for sharing your journey - trying to get your arms around Climate Change.

    I witnessed a similar "Inconvenient Truth" moment with my father in law. He is a retired chemistry professor, and pretty much a global warming skeptic. In fact, when we attended a showing in Seattle, he almost walked out of the theater before the movie began when 4-5 previews of liberal documentaries showed up on the screen (He loudly said - "this is going to be "bunk!" - I slinked down in my seat).

    Once we got over that - watching the film - I would sneak a peak over at him and he seemed to loosen up. But I really couldn't tell what his opinion would be. When we left the theater, I got up the courage to ask him - what did you think?

    His answer was short and abrupt. "Gotta do something. It is cut and dry."

    We both agreed Gore would have made a good college professor - and the movie did awaken my father in law's interest. Even today almost 2 years after watching it together we still discuss the latest developments and more importantly - what we can do to address Climate Change.


    I agree that global warming is real, but I am not sure that most of isn't simply caused by the fact that there are more than 6 billion people on this planet now...fossil fuels or no, we put off a hell of a lot of heat.

    The problem with this issue is the same as with most - it is intricately tied to many other issues that most people in this country cannot be bothered to educate themselves on or simply don't have the mental capacity to connect the dots - overpopulation, international economics, comparative advantage - to name a few.

    I am most certainly a capitalist, but I also don't think we should be ripping down rain forests faster than we can blink. I believe something needs to change, but I don't think worthless political pageants like kyoto or another live aid concert are doing anything but making the non koolaid drinking segment of the population sick.

    Then, the devil's advocate side of me also wants to know how much of this is actually cyclical? I mean, as far as planet earth goes, we certainly haven't been around long enough to actually know how things work. I read one scientific study that showed that the eruption of Mt. St. Helens did more damage to the ozone layer than the entire Industrial Revolution. What say you to that?

    Nature is fragile, and ecosystems are very sensitive to change. However, poor people are also sensitive to whatever they can do to make money. Corrupt governments are sensitive to whatever they can do to maintain a semblance of international influence. And Americans are incredible sensitive to anything that may in anyway "infringe upon their every pleasure or convenience." I mean, my God - look at abortion.

    Yes I agree it needs to be looked at, but the issue is going to be getting every one of us 6 billion people on the planet to do our part. And no, I still do not think Al Gore is the savior of all mankind.

    I really enjoyed your post though. It's nice to see intelligent writing amidst a blogosphere full of self-righteous soap box rambling about Brittany's latest underwear style ;)


    The tough part about global warming is the solutions. They truly have to be global and national, and they will require sacrifice. It's a bitter pill.

    Some of the good that comes from this film (and I have criticisms that I won't bother with here) is that it really does use mass entertainment media to inform and enlighten.
    Movies are at their best when they are personal and when the stories are from the heart.

    The unlikely thing here is Al Gore, notoriously stiff, is here accessible and empathetic. Getting to know another side of him, and presumably the more real Al Gore is part of why the movie holds interest I think.

    Bobby Magill

    Amen, brother. My concerns about global warming have nothing to do with Al Gore. I'm an enviro and former journo who has yet to see "An Inconvenient Truth" and couldn't care less about Al Gore. I won't be rushing to Netflix to order myself a copy.
    I will, however, start wondering if my hometown of Charleston, SC will bury itself a little deeper in high tide each year as the lower streets on the Charleston peninsula flood almost on a daily basis. Already, the city has awful drainage problems city engineers worry are only being exacerbated by a slowly rising Atlantic. Will I be able to visit the graves of my family members in 30 years? Will my favorite stretch of beach already losing its battle with erosion still exist in five years? Will an extended drought in my beloved southern Appalachians turn my wooded childhood hiking trails into graveyards of trees charred by catastrophic wildlfire?
    I don't know.
    But just in case the skeptics are wrong and all the climatologists I've talked to know a few more things about the earth than I do, I'm going to take Al Gore's warnings seriously.

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