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    January 10, 2008


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    In the Republican primary, there is no other candidate that I despise more than John McCain.

    He treats others with contempt with a sneer on his face. He wraps himself in the flag and his military service when it suits him. He uses it as a trump card that he feels overrides all his legislative records.

    McCain-Feingold - which spit on the US Constitution and limited our ability to voice our political views.

    McCain-Kennedy - which offered amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. McCain-Lieberman, which will raise gas taxes by 50 cents.

    And let's not forget the "Gang of 14" who made it more difficult for Pres. Bush to appoint conservative judges.

    Only the most naive could fail to realize what the Democrats have come to know. If they want help advancing their agenda, they'll find John McCain ready to reach across the aisle and help them.

    God help us if he becomes our president.

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