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    September 30, 2007


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    I love the Skip tribute. He is such a central part of Braves history in Atlanta.

    I remember as a child, listening to his dad, Harry, as announcer for the Cardinals. He and Jack Buck were the voice of the Redbirds for so long.

    It has always interested me that Skip sounds a lot more like Jack Buck than his dad. I can understand, since the "Holy Cow!" style is hard to follow in the same vein.

    I met Harry in the mid '60s in old Busch Stadium - I got his autograph and told him I wanted to be a pitcher when I grew up (I was about 11). He said "Are you a SOUTHpaw? We need a SOUTHpaw!"

    I knew even then that by the time I made the bigs, that need would probably be filled.

    I was a righty, and not good enough anyway.

    Your tribute to Skip is very nice, maybe he will read it and respond.

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