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    June 23, 2008


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    What a wonderful story Chris. It's amazing that she was able to recognize you through the haze of Alzheimer's, even if only for a brief second. God bless her.


    I read your blog and really liked it. Thank you so much for putting me in your blog.
    I really had fun with you and wished you lived closer so we could play all the time.
    I love you,


    I don't usually comment on your site because I don't want to embarrass you! However, since this story was so personal, I want you to know it meant a lot to me and it is something I can always cherish. As bittersweet as it is, it was worth the whole trip to have her know who you were even if only for an instant. She loved you more than any grandmother ever loved a child. I know that to be true.

    Audrey Kim

    Definitely a mascara-alert story. It's beautiful.


    Reading your story about your grandmother reminded me about my own grandmother. After a series of strokes - both major and minor - she was in a nursing home. I would go to visit occassionally.

    It got to the point where she didn't recognize me - or anyone else really. So I stopped going. I figured what was the point, since she didn't know who I was.

    Looking back now, I feel ashamed that I stopped going. She may not have known who I was... but I knew who she was.


    I found this linked to your facebook. I know how precious grandma's are,and you moved me to tears.
    -Jodie G

    rate my wife

    this is such a great story. i would do anything for my grandma.

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